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Projects "The innovative city – a driver of economic development"

Below are some examples of projects that are part of the "The innovative city – a driver of economic development" initiative:

Downtown campaign Neustadt an der Weinstrasse: deploying innovative instruments to network property owners and users

The downtown campaign aspires to strengthen the usages and density of housing, work, hospitality, shopping, education and cultural opportunities downtown. The focus is on using a holistic approach based on quality, usage and vacancies management to move the inner city forward. To this end, building-specific circumspect and individually viable solutions need to be developed. The campaign has three elements: property dialogue, property management and consultancy.

BioCity Campus Leipzig

Several major biotech R&D establishments have already set up shop on the grounds of Alte Messe Leipzig. With ongoing demand for properties, plans envisage a biotech campus evolving here in coming years, bringing together what were formerly spatially and organizationally separate research, development and production operations. As part of the BioCity Campus pilot project a concept study is being prepared studying the technological, functional, urban, architectural and property management feasibility of the planned campus.

Dülkener EntwicklungsAG - private initiatives for downtown Dülken

Dülken’s old down town has in recent years gone downhill in terms of the buildings and the social structure, triggering a change in retail patterns and denting its acceptance as a place to live. The project’s main goal was to break the investment deadlock. A key role here is played by the Dülkener EntwicklungsAG, driven by private individuals. A substantial six-digit figure has to date been raised by the 150-plus persons involved in the joint stock corporation. They are committed local citizens and seek to reverse the town’s downward spiral by using private capital, too.

Local initiative New Neckar Meadows Esslingen am Neckar

The "New Neckar Meadows" commercial estate founded in the 1960s has become somewhat run down. The project therefore sets out to augment the region’s competitiveness and its future sustainable development. By converting existing buildings, enhancing the estate’s image, and a joint strategy by local companies, the plan is to transform the downtown commercial estate into a vibrant hub providing future jobs. Together with "district management for working area improvement" the local companies and property owners are devising strategies and projects to advance the estate.

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