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Projects “The future of the city is the region – regionalization”

Below are some examples of projects that are part of the “The future of the city is the region – regionalization” initiative:

Future of the Region Hanover

The plan is to establish a new Regional Land Use Programme for the Hanover Region by 2015 on the basis of broad civic involvement. The project seeks to actively address groups of citizens, members of civil society and the world of politics. To this end, the Hanover Region will be deploying various real and virtual instruments that will render decision-making processes transparent despite the greater land use reference and also provide lively and interesting forms of civic involvement and information.

koopstadt – a collaborative urban development project in Bremen, Leipzig, Nuremberg

In order to learn together and from one another the three cities of Bremen, Leipzig and Nuremberg have jointly devised the “koopstadt” pilot project. Starting in 2007 and through 2015 the cities will interact closely in the field of urban development and test innovative solutions for the central urban development challenges of the day, in this way also enhancing the skills of all actors involved, both inside and outside their respective administrations.

INITIATIVE REGIONALMANAGEMENT Region Ingolstadt e. V. – regional development as an integrative task

INITIATIVE REGIONALMANAGEMENT e. V. aspires to bundle projects in the fields of business, education and science, quality of life, and the perception of the region. It will bring together regional players from the worlds of politics and business and members of civil society in order to include as many perspective and ideas and tie them into project work.

Infrastructure and local amenities in “ageing areas”

The Schader Foundation intends to launch research projects to study the provision of infrastructure and local amenities in areas with an ageing population. Its main aim is to achieve a diversity of perspectives and their convergence. It wants to see an exchange of ideas and experience between different departments of higher education and a link-up between young and older researchers.

Ensuring the provision of services of general interest in sparsely populated regions – joining forces to shape the tasks and functions of middle-order centres

The aim of this project is to stabilize and improve the fabric of life in sparsely populated regions, despite a shrinking population, within the framework of a collaborative model. It will be important to jointly develop targets and strategies and prepare new forms of planning, decision-making and implementation that cross local authority boundaries.

koop.stadt.2010+ – Bremen - Leipzig - Nuremberg

Within the framework of the “koop.stadt.2010+” project, the three cities of Bremen, Leipzig and Nuremberg will cooperate from 2008 to 2015 in order to jointly develop innovative solutions and approaches to urban development issues that are relevant in the early 21st century and to implement concrete projects in the three cities.

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