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The projects of the National Urban Development Policy

Schoolyard Source: Birgit Hupfeld, Bochum

The large social policy challenges are concentrated in cities (demographic change, social cohesion and integration, economic development and stability, climate protection and the move towards alternative energy sources). In order to tackle these complex tasks we not only require tried-and-tested methods but must also embark along new paths. In the sciences and medicine new solutions are often found in the laboratory. In biology or chemistry experiments are performed; in urban development pilot projects are launched. They allow new methods and approaches to be tested in practice.

In order to pursue this approach the National Urban Development Policy 2007 launched the "project series for cities and urbanity". They give cities and towns the opportunity to try out new methods and to secure new experts for the urban development tasks facing them. The insights from the pilot projects are also taken into account in "good practice", whereby practical approaches are considered when advancing legislation and subsidizing urban development. To date, over 100 pilot projects have been implemented under the umbrella of the National Urban Development Policy.

Funding is given to approaches relating to specific districts, schemes and concepts developed for whole cities and regions as well as various topical urban networks. What all projects have in common is that they meet the criteria set out in the National Urban Development Policy:

  • The projects are innovative, i.e., they are instrumental in embracing new ways of solving complex challenges within their field.
  • The projects are exemplary, i.e., they address challenges that will also define future urban development in other cities.
  • The projects operate as partnerships involving as many people as possible from a variety of different disciplines.

From the projects submitted, six areas of action were derived which are currently of special significance in urban development practice and which therefore serve as focal points of the National Urban Development Policy:

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