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Active district and neighbourhood centres

Attractive CBDs and high standards of living in downtown areas in both urban districts and smaller communities are of outstanding importance for the future of our cities and smaller communities. With its integrated approach, the "centre programme" supports the diversity of these centres, buttresses them as places to work and live, as business and cultural centres, the locations of shopping and leisure facilities – and, not least, places that people can identify with in their daily lives.

The programme encourages efforts to guarantee and expand the diversity of the facilities in downtown areas and the centres of small communities as well as promoting the meaningful layout of public places, initiatives for dealing with vacant real estate and measures for social stabilization.

One main aim of the programme is to really get civic bodies and the local business communities involved. The objective: to achieve long-lasting effects by encouraging local citizens, businesses and public authorities to work together.

In order to achieve this goal, a new tool, the Disbursement Fund has been put in place. This makes a contribution to accessing private financial resources, among other things, in order to strengthen such centres. Up to 50 percent of the fund comes from urban development funding put up by the central and state governments and the local communities and at least 50 percent is financed by private individuals or by additional community funds.

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