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The Fields of action

In the database, you can find urban development projects from the following Fields of action:

Land management

Intelligent land management and a resource-oriented treatment of settlement area play a key role in sustainable urban development. At the centre is the innovative treatment of different requirements on land use in cities. This includes land registers, re-use of industrial, transport and military wasteland, strengthening of city centres, optimised use of inner-city areas and promotion of inner-city development.

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Environmental protection

The concerns of environmental protection result in central requirements to a controlled urban planning development. The implementation of environmental quality aims contribute to preventive environmental protection, for example with ecologically oriented adaptation of the building stock, integrated energy, recyclable material and water management.

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Mobility management

Mobility management compatible with cities reacts to the spatial separation of urban functions and to the burden on urban space and people living in cities. A central task is to take specific measures for the reduction and management of traffic on the basis of integrated traffic concepts. Mixed use urban neighbourhoods, projects for attractive public transport and new solutions for private transport are at the focus.

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Socially responsible housing

Need-based housing availability for the different population groups is part of a sustainable urban policy. Approaches for action can be seen both in new and existing buildings. This involves quarter and neighbourhood projects, renewal of and building up existing settlements from the post-war period and also the further development of large housing estates.

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Sustainable economic development

On one hand, these measures involve actions concerning vocational qualification and employment. On the other hand, it is essential to secure the economic bases for local businesses and to create conditions for new settlements. The local strategies are to be embedded in regional concepts in order to sustainably secure the economic bases for life.

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Integrated urban development

This area contains projects, which conceptually apply comprehensive on multilane spheres of activity on one hand. On the other hand it’s about projects with a cooperative and communicative approach, since sustainable development requires a planning and building culture which counts on acceptance from and action of many parties involved.

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