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Dresden-Neustadt „Automatic multi-storey car park“


Neighbourhood multi-storey car park integrated into the city

In the inner city urban district of Neustadt, a public, fully automated multi-storey car park with 192 parking spaces is being built. This reduces the pressure on parking space in this neighbourhood, while saving space and emissions at the same time, and the quality of life of the people living in the neighbourhood is improved.

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Typische Neustadt-StraßeSource:

The urban district "Innere Neustadt" in Dresden (pop. 477,000) is an urban development testimony to the absolutistic city architecture of the 18th century. The inner city neighbourhood with mixed usage is a residential, commercial and administration location, and also a destination for tourists thanks to its historic buildings.

As part of the urban renewal und the preservation of historic monuments, valuable individual buildings are reconstructed, the residential and business surroundings are improved by the arrangement of the streets and places, and the existing green spaces are upgraded.

Project description

Blick auf das Parkhaus bei TagSource: DirectPark GmbH, Heilbronn

In a central location in Dresden-Neustadt, a public, fully automated multi-storey car park was built for 192 cars and was opened in 2004. On a space of 36.5 x 17.4 metres and with a building height of 14.5 metres, the cars are accommodated on six levels, using as little space as possible. This saves around half of the space and volume compared to a traditional multi-storey car park.

The automatic palette and transport system takes over the internal organisation of storing the cars in a system similar to high bay racking. This makes all internal access paths unnecessary. Three barrier-free and disabled-friendly entrances and exits each make sure that the cars can be handed over quickly and comfortably.

Thanks to the closed car park system, it is possible to reduce the noise emissions. The surrounding residential area is not disturbed. With the facade design and its height, the structure fits in nicely with the urban environment.

The urban housing association WOBA DRESDEN GmbH is the owner and operator of the multi-storey car park. 25% of the parking spaces is reserved for the residential and commercial tenants of the housing society. The remaining 75% is offered as public parking spaces in addition to the metered parking spaces in the street. With the additional parking spaces, it is possible to reduce the existing pressure for parking space in the public space and to increase the quality of the location for business people and the residents.

Project chronology

July 2003Decision to build by the supervisory board of Wohnbau Nordwest GmbH
Dec. 2003Laying of the foundation stone
Autumn 2004Start of operation


Ansicht von WestenSource: WOBA DRESDEN GmbH

  • Creating parking space that fits into the city
  • Relieving public space of parked cars
  • Increasing the quality of the location for residents and business people

Types of measures

Blick auf das Parkhaus bei TagSource: WOBA DRESDEN GmbH

  • Establishing a fully automated parking system
  • Integration of the car park into the parking space management concept of the neighbourhood
  • Public relations and marketing


Perspektive bei NachtSource: DirectPark GmbH, Heilbronn

With the public, fully automated multi-storey car park, it was possible to reduce the existing parking problems in a very confined space and to contribute to the stabilisation of the neighbourhood as living and working location.


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Further information

The projekt site ist to be found at postal code: 01097 - town: Dresden - street: Metzer Straße.

Poject site on Google-Maps: Dresden "Automatisches Parkhaus"

Last update: 15.01.2018

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