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Leipzig-Möckern „Stallbaumstraße“


Owner-occupied terraced houses created by using existing inner-city space

In Lepizig-Möckern, a former commercial area was converted into residential area. Various one-family houses were created along “Stallbaumstraße” road which are especially occupied by young families.


Gebäude in der StallbaumstraßeSource: Norbert Post, Hartmut Welters Architekten & Stadtplaner

The project was carried out in the context of a model project promoting owner-occupied residential properties in Leipzig. Thanks to the project, especially young families are to receive an alternative to an home on the outskirts of the city. The City of Leipzig (522,000 inhabitants in 2012) pursues a strategical overall concept promoting the creation of ownership. It first of all focused on refurbishing promoterism buildings and later on constructing new residential buildings. Following the expansion of the activities on constructing new houses, a specialised field “town house” has been created in the city council’s urban planning department. An external coordinating, moderating and consulting agency was engaged to implement the programme. Architects, engineers and experts in the area of building finance were to be involved and supported as early as possible.

The “Stallbaumstraße” project is situated in Leipzig-Möckern, about three kilometres in the north-west of the city centre of Leipzig. The project environment is characterised by promoterism architecture. It shows beginnings of a perimeter development, which is only partly closed. Furthermore, many town villas can be found in the neighbourhood. Modern buildings were added to the old structures via several refurbishments and new constructions. The backyards in the neighbourhood have been greened and have a large stock of trees. The neighbourhood is not very heavily built-up and has a comparatively low degree of sealing.

Project description

Neubauten entlang der Möckernschen StraßeSource: Norbert Post, Hartmut Welters Architekten & Stadtplaner

The area of a former depot in the backyard of a promoterism block of buildings was developed between 2004 and 2008 according to an urban development competition based on a legally binding land-use plan.

The concept for the so-called “Stallbaumstraße” project included the construction of 30 new one-family houses in the form of garden court and terraced houses being grouped around a little square. The project was based on the idea of compact urban development. The new structure stands out against the existing buildings, smaller greenways existing between existing and new buildings. The measure has created a new extensive and very green built-up area in the backyard. Moreover, each house was provided with a large private garden area. The development area can be roughly divided into three different areas.

In the south, a group of owner-occupiers joined together to form the „GbR Stallbaumstraße“ (Stallbaumstraße civil-law association). They developed the buildings together with their architects according to their own wishes. Nine two- to three-storey, L-shaped garden-court houses with a living space of 120-220 sq m can be found in this area. A rectangular basic type of house was defined through building and set-back lines. The interior design was individually planned with the architects. In the northern area, 10 terraced houses are grouped around a green urban square. These houses have two storeys, a pent roof and 120 sq m of living space. Three- to four-storey terraced houses with flat roof and approx. 140 sq m of living space were built along "Möckernsche Straße" road.

The property price guidelines, which had originally been intended for more compact development, were discussed with the city councils financial department and could be adapted to the low occupation by owner-occupied houses and considerably reduced. The building equipment includes features like heat pumps or solar thermal energy but also classical systems such as gas condensing boilers.

Project chronology

Neugebaute EinfamilienhäuserSource: Norbert Post, Hartmut Welters Architekten & Stadtplaner

2000project idea
2002planning activities started
2004 construction activities started
2008construction activities completed


  • To convert a commercial area in the context of urban development
  • To build one- and two-family houses in a cost-effective, quality-conscious way
  • To increase the attractiveness of the core city in terms of creating home ownership
  • To integrate small residential projects in existing urban development structure
  • To adapt various vorms of building and housing to future housing demands

Types of measures

Gebäude in der StallbaumstraßeSource: Norbert Post, Hartmut Welters Architekten & Stadtplaner

  • Building several one-family houses
  • Creating a green city square
  • Equipping with heat pumps
  • Using solar thermal energy


Neugebaute EinfamilienhäuserSource: Norbert Post, Hartmut Welters Architekten & Stadtplaner

The case of “Stallbaumstraße“ has shown that alternatives for home ownership on the outskirts of cities can be created by using existing space in inner cities. The activation of the derelict site is characterised by its incorporation in the overall concept, the so-called “self-user” programme”, by which the City of Leipzig involves and supports future residents. Being located in the inner city, this residential project helps avoid that such structures arise in undesignated outlying areas. The project is furthermore succesfully implemented in terms of climate protection and adaptation to climate change as the total sealed area is strongly reduced (by 40%), as roofs are covered with greenery and seepage possibilities are created.


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Further information

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The projekt site ist to be found at postal code: 04155 - town: Leipzig - street: Stallbaumstraße; Möckernsche Straße.

Poject site on Google-Maps: [LINK]

Last update: 20.09.2016

Additional Information


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