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Münster „Urban Ecology Educational Walk“

(North-Rhine Westphalia)

Educational nature walk along the river Aa

An educational walk offering elucidations of various ecological and historical subjects at various reference points has been created along the inner city stretch of the river Aa.


Blick auf eine SkulpturSource: Oliver Niermann, BBR

The footpath along the river Aa had originally been established in 1950 to provide the citizens of Münster with a walk through nature within the inner city area, but was not very attractive at first. The insufficient appointment of the centrally located green area was caused by a lack of funds.

Project description

Informationstafeln des LehrpfadesSource: Oliver Niermann, BBR

As part of a gift from the state authorities occasioned by the city’s 1.200-year anniversary, the walk along the Aa river was redeveloped and partly redesigned. This included nature-compatible paving in some sections, a renewal of the water bound road surfaces, as well as safety and development measures.

Wherever the walk passes some particularly attractive parts of the town centre and old town, an ecological urban walk was installed. Location-related signage draws the visitor’s attention to unique features of the urban architecture and ecology such as (natural) monuments etc. An informative brochure containing more detailed information on individual stations was created to accompany the walk.

Project chronology

1994Start of the redevelopment and construction of the educational walk
1996Conclusion of the measure
From 1997Maintenance and preservation measures


Begrünter FußwegSource: Oliver Niermann, BBR

  • Exemplary explanation of ecological relationships in the townscape
  • Presenting the town as a biosphere for human beings, animals and plants
  • Mediation of location-related information on the town’s history
  • Promoting understanding for a careful approach to nature
  • Offering an attractive, natural walk within the town centre

Types of measures

Informationstafel des LehrpfadesSource: Oliver Niermann, BBR

  • Paving and refurbishment of the walk’s surface
  • Planting measures
  • Development measures (stairs, wheelchair ramps)
  • Build-up of individual stations (information signs)
  • Creation of an information brochure


Begrünter Fußweg am SeeSource: Oliver Niermann, BBR

The urban ecology educational walk runs through the entire inner city area. All along the walk, explanations repeatedly demonstrate the connections to the immediate environment and vividly describe issues from various disciplines which are of relevance to the town. In addition to this, the areas included in the walk along the Aa river possess a distinct open space quality.


  • Stadt Münster (Münster Council), Amt für Grünflächen und Naturschutz (Parks Department) (ed.) (1996): Aaseitenweg (Walk Along the Aa River)

Further information

Poject site on Google-Maps: Münster stadtökologischer Lehrpfad

The projekt site ist to be found at postal code: 48143 - town: Münster - street: Bispinghof/Aaseitenweg .

Last update: 04.10.2017

Additional Information


  • Amt für Grünflächen und Naturschutz Münster (Münster Parks Department), Reimer Stoldt , tel. 02 51/ 492-6701

Record inserted on 05.09.2006 by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) within the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR).

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