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Neu-Ulm-Wiley-Süd „Open-House“


High-quality, environmentally aware catalogue module buildings

In the project „open house“, buyers can assemble their individual residential units in apartment buildings using variously priced elements chosen from a “catalogue”. The project was realized in low-energy architecture and meets various ambitious ecological standards.


AnsichtSource: Casa Nova

Following the closure of the Wiley barracks in the south of Neu-Ulm (pop. 50.000) in 1991, a site measuring 76 ha in total became available for urban restructuring and a change of use. The outline plan, which was based on the 1994 town-planning ideas competition for „Wiley-Süd”, divided the area into four development section comprising 2.000 apartments in total. The new district measures about 40 ha and features spaces for various housing concepts, business and service operations, higher education facilities, social infrastructure, and an extensive green space which was connected to the state horticultural show in Wiley-Mitte (20 ha) in 2008.

Project description

Blick auf die Seite des Open House1 im ersten BauabschnittSource: Casa Nova

The project „open house“ is one of several owner-occupier housing projects of model character currently being realized in the first construction stage in Wiley-Süd. The project developers strive to „take into account the ideas of later apartment owners to a large extent“. They provide a basic cubist building structure with loft character and then the buyer is free to choose dimensions, floor arrangements, layouts and fittings from a catalogue.

The buildings are constructed as certified low energy buildings with good sound and thermal insulation, using the latest construction methods and processing technologies. The construction project is aimed at creating self-contained apartments meeting specific ecological standards via environment-conserving building materials, an engine-based co-generator and solar collectors, as well as featuring a sophisticated design.

Project chronology

1994Town-planning ideas competition for “Wiley-Süd”
1998Planning start and marketing of first construction stage
Beginning of 2002Start of building works on 1st construction stage
October 2002Start of building works on 2nd construction stage
March 2003Completion in the 1st construction stage (10 unit family residence as a low energy building)
October 2003Completion in the 2nd construction stage (10 unit family residence as a low energy building)
2006Completion in the 1st construction stage (Open House with a 12 unit family residence as a low energy building)
2007Completion in the 2nd construction stage (Open House with a 14 unit family residence as a low energy building)
April 2010Completion in the 1st construction stage (10 unit residence as a low energy building)
October 2010Completion in the 2nd construction stage (13 unit residence as a low energy building)


Blick auf zwei fertiggestellte Wohnhäuser im zweiten BauabschnittSource: Casa Nova

  • Flexible sophisticated housing in apartment buildings
  • Integrating the ideas of apartment owners
  • Changeable ground plans
  • low energy buildings
  • barrier-free living with elevators and basement garage
  • wheelchair compatible living

Types of measures

Wohnungstypen-KatalogSource: Casa Nova

  • Catalogue with individual components and prices to determine floor space, floor-arrangement (1-3 storeys), situation in the building, room dimensions, number of separate rooms, window / door openings, bathroom fittings, finishing materials, garden or terrace areas and number of parking spaces
  • Dense and environment-conserving architecture
  • Water heating via solar collectors
  • Improved heat protection


Blick von der Gartenseiten auf das Open HousesSource: Casa Nova

This project is aimed at making the construction of multi-storey dwellings more attractive for potential developer groups who are looking for individual housing solutions. By virtue of the unconventional marketing and the open architectural concept, the qualities of a free-standing building are also realizable on a larger scale.


Blick auf die DachterrasseSource: Casa Nova

  • Stadt Neu-Ulm (Neu-Ulm Council), Projektleitung Wiley (Project Management Wiley) (1997): Wohlfühlen in Wiley. Erleben Sie einen interessanten Stadtteil (Feeling Comfy in Wiley. Experience an Interesting District). Neu-Ulm
  • Stadt Neu-Ulm (Neu-Ulm Council), Projektleitung Wiley (Project Management Wiley) (2002): Entdecke Wiley!. Neu-Ulms jüngster Stadtteil (Discover Wiley! Neu-Ulm’s Youngest District.). Neu-Ulm
  • Property developer „Casa Nova Planungs- und Wohnbaugesellschaft mbH“, Ulm (n. y.)

Further information

The projekt site ist to be found at postal code: 89231 - town: Neu-Ulm - street: Washingtonallee.

Poject site on Google-Maps: Neu-Ulm "Open House"

Last update: 17.01.2018

Additional Information


  • Stadt Neu-Ulm (Neu-Ulm Council), „FB3-Stadtplanung“ (planning department),Projektleitung Wiley (Project Management Wiley), Renate Maier, Augsburger Straße 15, 89231 Neu-Ulm, Tel. 0731/7050-533, fax 0731/7050-575,
  • Casa Nova Planungs- und Wohnbaugesellschaft mbH, Wielandstraße 25, 89073 Ulm, Tel. 0731/92012-0, fax 0731/92012-20, Herr Neudeck-Mützel, Herr Hirschmann

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