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begin 2015.02.21
end 2015.02.22

21/22 February 2015, Berlin, Germany

New ways of education for an economy we might have to reinvent.
What and for what are we learning today and in the future?

The #dclass conference brings the most inspiring people from the new economy together with the greatest education innovators. The conference kicks off at one of the most exciting locations in Berlin: Heimathafen Neukölln. The audience will be a mix of generation Y characters, start-ups, business angels and people working in schools and universities. We believe that we can learn from everyone. That's why the youngest speaker will 12, the oldest 92 years old. We want to find out how we need to change the way we teach and learn to be prepared for a world, in which economic ideals change radically.

For more information please see #dclass conference website:
#dclass conference in Berlin

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