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Thematic, spatial or content specification assists your search in the project database. You can search for fields of action in urban development, types of settlement areas and kinds of measures. You can find the project locations in the list of cities and the site map.

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In the following project search box you can combine search criteria such as city, federal states, fields of action etc. A a search result, a table of related projects will be presented.


Search results

project name archive fed­er­al state city
Münster „Urban Ecology Educational Walk“ yes North-Rhine Westphalia Münster
Hamburg „Sachsentor District“ no Hamburg Hamburg
Selb "Gesundheits- und Pflegenetzwerk" no Bavaria Selb
Selb „Bürgerpark“ no Bavaria Selb
Rosenheim „urban oases“ no Bavaria Rosenheim
Eschwege „Innenstadtkarrees“ no Hesse Eschwege
Schweinfurt „Inner-City“ yes Bavaria Schweinfurt
Bochum „Bermuda3Eck“ yes North-Rhine Westphalia Bochum
Dortmund „PHOENIX Lake“ no North-Rhine Westphalia Dortmund
Alsdorf „Anna-Park“ no North-Rhine Westphalia Alsdorf
Stralsund „Northern harbour island“ no Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Stralsund
Münster „Münster Arkaden“ no North-Rhine Westphalia Münster
Treuenbrietzen „Redevelopment of the inner city“ no Brandenburg Treuenbrietzen
Völklingen „Inner-city“ yes Saarland Völklingen
Völklingen-Wehrden „Strategy for the modernisation of urban districts“ yes Saarland Völklingen
Luckenwalde-Innenstadt „Temporary use of an empty site“ yes Brandenburg Luckenwalde
Finsterwalde „Revitalization of an Old Town Block“ yes Brandenburg Finsterwalde
Erlangen „Röthelheimpark“ yes Bavaria Erlangen
Düsseldorf „PLATZDA!“ yes North-Rhine Westphalia Düsseldorf
Chemnitz „DAStietz“ yes Saxony Chemnitz

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