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Thematic, spatial or content specification assists your search in the project database. You can search for fields of action in urban development, types of settlement areas and kinds of measures. You can find the project locations in the list of cities and the site map.

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In the following project search box you can combine search criteria such as city, federal states, fields of action etc. A a search result, a table of related projects will be presented.


Search results

project name archive fed­er­al state city
Münster „Urban Ecology Educational Walk“ yes North-Rhine Westphalia Münster
Berlin-Rummelsburger Bucht „Waterside Concept“ no Berlin Berlin
München „Isar-Plan“ no Bavaria München
Ostritz „Energy-ecological model town“ no Saxony Ostritz
Schöneiche bei Berlin „Forest Garden Community“ yes Brandenburg Schöneiche bei Berlin
Neckarsulm „Amorbach II“ yes Baden-Württemberg Neckarsulm
Aachen "Local Park and Comprehensive School Moltkebahnhof" yes North-Rhine Westphalia Aachen
Alsdorf „Anna-Park“ no North-Rhine Westphalia Alsdorf
Leipzig-Paunsdorf „Grüner Bogen“ no Saxony Leipzig
Ludwigshafen „3 Litre House in Stock“ yes Rhineland-Palatinate Ludwigshafen
Donaueschingen „Auf dem Staig“ yes Baden-Württemberg Donaueschingen
Ahrensburg „Allmende Wulfsdorf“ yes Schleswig-Holstein Ahrensburg
Beetzendorf-Poppau „Ecological village Sieben Linden “ no Saxony-Anhalt Beetzendorf
Bamberg „Ochsenanger“ yes Bavaria Bamberg
Berlin-Marzahn „High-Rise Redevelopment Helene-Weigel-Platz“ yes Berlin Berlin
Berlin „Hellersdorf“ yes Berlin Berlin
Köln-Niehl "Ford estate" yes North-Rhine Westphalia Köln
Geisa "Ulster flood plain" no Thuringia Geisa
München-Riem „WOGENO Residential Estate“ yes Bavaria München
Halle-Neustadt „Short turnover plantation Lüneburger Bogen“ yes Saxony-Anhalt Halle an der Saale

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