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National Urban Development Policy

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Viele Hände halten zusammen

Who we are

Integrated urban development starts with us: The National Urban Development Policy has been the driving force behind integrated urban development in Germany since 2007. We are a joint initiative of the federal government, states and local municipalities.

What we want

We want to lay the foundations for common, future-oriented action and support all actors and stakeholders committed to their cities and communities. We always pursue the goal of implementing the results of the Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities in Germany.

What distinguishes us

Integrated urban development becomes a community effort if the power and efforts of all involved are successfully bundled and used in a socially balanced manner to develop the common living space. With this goal in mind, we bring together the various stakeholders in the cities and municipalities and promote cooperation so that we can already envision and think about the city of tomorrow today. We act interdisciplinary in an integrated manner and always keep an eye on the big picture.

What we offer

We are the first point of contact for questions of integrated urban development because: We know the experts and specialists in the various areas - and we connect them with each other. We support numerous projects all over Germany - and inspire new ones.

We make city - together.