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National Urban Development Policy

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Integrated and sustainable urban development is a process: it must react dynamically to social, economic and ecological change. The exchange between science, planning practice, administration and politics is indispensable. Which research and networking instruments does the National Urban Development Policy make available?

At the interface of politics, research and practice

Cities in Germany, Europe and worldwide are facing major challenges in the 21st century, which must be addressed continuously as part of an integrated and sustainable urban development policy. The National Urban Development Policy meets these challenges and changes by keeping an eye on current trends and drivers of urban development, developing innovative, interdisciplinary solutions and continuously reviewing the effectiveness of existing strategies and instruments. In order to fulfil these tasks, the National Urban Development Policy promotes expert discourse at the interface of politics, research and practice and makes interdisciplinary knowledge and good examples of sustainable urban development publicly available.

University Day (Hochschultag)

The University Day takes place regularly. Here, the National Urban Development Policy brings together representatives from science, planning practice, administration and politics to discuss current issues and questions of urban development. With the University Day, the National Urban Development Policy provides an impetus for sustainable and integrated urban development policy at the interface between politics, research and practice.

Summer Schools

In addition, summer schools take place annually. Here, the National Urban Development Policy intensifies the exchange and cooperation between the universities and with the federal government. Students deal with current planning issues across universities, discuss their ideas and results with representatives of the federal government and present them to a broad expert public.

Federal Departmental Research (BBSR)

The departmental research of the Federal Building Ministry is the central political instrument with which current information bases for the federal, state and local authorities are developed in order to be able to master the current challenges. The Federal Institute for Building, Urban and Spatial Research (BBSR) designs and accompanies numerous research projects and model projects with which decision-making aids for the development of innovative and future-oriented solutions for sustainable urban development are provided on site.